Why I Am NOT Searching for My Other Half

I don't know why this subject is so close to my heart right now, especially as I am actually quite the romantic. I am in love with the idea of true love, of first kisses, butterflies in your stomach. I love the idea that you can find the other half of your whole. Wait. Pause.... Continue Reading →


Dirty Canada Day Laundry.

I don't understand how I was so used to being miserable. Looking back, I shake my head at it all. I remember this day last year clearly. The emotions, the rain drops, the fighting. July 1 of 2016. I remember how empty and sad I felt. And I remember feeling like the rest of my... Continue Reading →

It’s Easy to Blame God.

It's easy to blame God, but harder to fix things We look in the sky like, "Why ain't you listening?" -NF Real, Oh Lord Blogging is the one way I can truly work through thoughts and feelings, so bear with me on this one. It is jumbled without real order or thought process, but I... Continue Reading →

Now: Looking Back at 2016

  When I started out 2016, I had a vision of what the word Now would hold for me. I was thinking more along the lines of time management and enjoying the events of the year as they unfolded, taking everything in stride and drinking in the predetermined moments. As always, my word unfolded in a... Continue Reading →

Bring It On

Did I hear a challenge? Let me dust off the good old tbr pile.   Challenge accepted.   #kristenandkelseysfortybookchallenge January 1 2017 - December 31 2017

One Mistake

It's so easy to destroy what takes so long to build. A relationship, a friendship, sobriety, a dynasty.  Whatever it is, it takes effort and time and commitment to build something worth while. And it is so easily destroyed. But remember all the work you've done on your journey. All the sober days, all the... Continue Reading →

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