Book Review: The White Rose / The Black Key by Amy Ewing

The White Rose and The Black Key by Amy Ewing
(The Jewel #2 & #3)
Read and Reviewed by Kristen Harvey


I normally never review two separate books together within one post, but I feel that they were SO similar, they should have been in the same novel anyways. Also I just don’t care to waste anymore time on this series. (STOP judging Kelsey.)

The White Rose is the “journey” arc of the series. They find a safe haven to hide in, Violet trains in her super-secret ancient powers, and the typical revolt against higher powers begins.

The Black Key is the “finale fight” arc. Violet returns to the Jewel to save her sister from being killed by the same cruel master she ran away from.

That is literally it. Add some fillers and a couple super shallow characters… OH and a mysterious dream cliff the girls visit to activate all of their powers.

KH Rating: 4/5

“And that is a very grudging 4 stars. Probably should’ve been like a 2.5 or a 3 but I tend to rate books based on how much I enjoy them, not the literary form or character building.” – my words from my review of the Jewel are repeated and meant. SO GRUDGINGLY 4 OUT OF 5.
For my friends who knew how painful it was for me to get out of the Matched trilogy… this was worse. And I am not saying that the Jewel is a bad trilogy, it just isn’t very good. Fans of easy reads, introductory dystopians, and works like the Selection  would be the perfect audience for this trilogy. Unfortunately for me, I should have just chalked these books up to what they were – pretty covers.

Books 8 and 9 /40
Kristen and Kelsey’s 40 Book Challenge (2017)

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