Book Review: Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard

Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard
(Steel Scars – Red Queen #0.2 /// Queen Song – Red Queen #0.1)
Read and Reviewed by Kristen Harvey

“We all have scars and ghosts of our own.”


This short little collection of Aveyard’s Red Queen novellas was a breeze to read and were very enjoyable. The first, Queen Song, follows Corianne; Cal’s mother’s story as she fell in love with the king, and was ultimately murdered by Alara, who would become the next queen. I really enjoyed reading her story and wished it could have lasted longer. I feel sorry for the singer queen and really wish she could have more of a story than she did.

The second installment in Cruel Crown, Steel Scars, follows Farley, a character lightly touched on in RQ and further developed in Glass Sword, as she climbs her way up the chain of command in the Scarlet Guard, and as she meets Shade Barrow, Mare’s brother. I thought it was very cute that readers got to glimpse the very beginning of Farley and Shade’s relationship, before its bitter turn in GS.

KH Rating: 4/5
Queen Song – 5/5
Steel Scars – 4/5


Book 5/40

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